In 2001, I saw a paraglider with its parachute in the air as well as a tandem flight. It get me interested in learning how to fly with paragliding. It looked so incredible to see this paraglider flying in the air like an eagle.
Step by step, I have learned how to fly and learned about the weather conditions, because it is such an important thing for flights. I undertook my training at the Aero-sport FAST club, and I would like to thank them.
In 2007, I traveled in France and gained there more knowledge about paragliding and paramotor!

To be a tourist guide is one of my activity. I started my guide training when in was in high school in my hometown Bukittinggi, West Sumatra, an international tourist destination because of its wheater, its nature as well as its historical and cultural background.
I am now a Senior Guide, licensed by the Regional government of West Sumatra.

Motor trail Adventure is another activity. I spend many weekends with friends through jungle. Our motorbikes are like motocross types.

In 1993 I graduated at the Indonesian Disc Jockey School in Bandung West Java. Since then I have been working as DJ for different discotheques in Indonesia, and also in Jakarta

All my activities and job are connected.

Paragliding, tourist guide, motocross and Disc Jockey are my jobs and my hobbies!

Okay, let’s fly and party!








Joe Mairi
Bukittinggi, West Sumatra, Indonesia
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