Come paragliding in Sumatra.

Sumatra, one of the main islands of Indonesia archipelago, is the 6th largest island in the world.

Sitting astride the Equator, its natural attractions include mountains, volcanos, lakes, valleys, waterfalls, tropical forests, and coastlines on the Indian Ocean and the straight of Malacca.

You will find in Sumatra excellent sites for paragliding, on the seacoast (areas of Padang, Painan), over volcanic lakes (lakes Maninjau, Singkarak, Toba), or in the highlands (Payakumbuh area).

We can take you for tandem flights, on demand, in West Sumatra or North Sumatra.

For paragliding clubs or schools abroad, we can organize tours for your group. We will guide you through the best paragliding sites, and organize your stay and transportation within Sumatra and Indonesia.

Sumatra offers many interesting attractions for travelers: its wildlife, fauna and flora, architecture, music and dances, crafts. We can also organize your stay or tour in the country.

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Paragliding - singkarak
Flying over Lake Maninjau

Paragliding - Payakumbuh
Flying over Payakumbuh area

Paragliding - Maninjau
Lake Toba